Bugs Beware! Beelzebug is back!

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In June 2012 we took over the production of Beelzebug , Equr, Heelit and Beelzebug Concentrate (formerly called Bugwash) from Taylors Hill Limited after the owner of Taylors Hill retired. These innovative products containing all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, colouring agents or perfumes are kind to you, kind to your horse and kind to the environment.

Beelzebug is nature's finest parasite barrier and is a highly effective biting insect and horse flies repellent and is available as an oil based substance and also in a concentrated form to be diluted with water and used for spraying or dipping. (HSE 8483)

Beelzebug Concentrate (formerly known as Bugwash) disolves in water for dipping or spraying, will rid your horse of blood sucking ticks and mites. (HSE 8483)

Equr is excellent for small cuts and abrasions that can occur in the field and stables.

Heelit is a balsamic ointment that prevents insects biting and soothes wounds already caused by insects.

At Natural Equine Products, we also sell leather care products, leather creams and leather polishes are from URAD, a company with a long history in leather care and leather restoration. Our best selling Leather Cream is sufficient in most situations. There is also leather shampoo and various other creams such as Mr Jojo conditioning wax, Oily (ideal for tack that has been oiled over for a long period), Tenderly (to regenerate neglected leather) and Saddlery (self shining cream for tack) where something more specific is required. Smelly boots are not match for our new boot deodorant.

Medicinal Disclaimer:- In order to comply with regulatory requirements, we must make clear that nothing on this website is intended to present our preparations as medicinal products. Please note that Taylors Hill products are not licensed veterinary medicinal products. They contain a variety of natural substances that are generally believed to have properties when used either alone or in certain combinations. This knowledge is almost entirely in the public domain and although Taylors Hill products formulations are unique, like most natural products, they have no proprietary protection nor are we able to claim any. For this reason this website does not give details of the product ingredients, formulations or manufacturing processes. The products are marketed as aids in the maintenance of the general healthcare of horses and other animals and we do not claim that they can treat or cure any medical condition. To do so is a serious offence. Where such terms as antibacterial or similar words are used, these are to be read in their scientific and not their medical context. Taylors Hill products simply natural processes and assist the animal's body to heal itself. Taylors Hill products are made of non-medicinal substances that act as natural helpers in maintaining the immune system. They do not use any lanolin, petroleum jelly or mineral oils in any of their products.
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